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​For the better part of the past decade, the founders of the CPR – College Planning Relief® program sought to bring their clients an integrated solution to the ever-increasing financial demands of paying for college.  What they learned served as the genesis of what became CPR – College Planning Relief®.

What makes this program unique and what must be understood, is that financial solutions must be holistic in nature in order to provide the greatest value to YOU and YOUR family.  CPR – College Planning Relief® does not seek to simply identify a funding plan for college.  Their goal is to provide YOU with solutions that address multiple financial goals simultaneously: paying for college, home ownership, retirement income and lifestyle.

CPR – College Planning Relief® provides an in-depth education on scholarship searches, financial aid formulae, as well as development of college funding plans using cash flow strategies, tax strategies, budgeting restrictions and efficient assessment of available resources for YOU and YOUR family.

So regardless of how old YOUR children are or what grade they're in - NOW is the time to Start Planning for College by Partnering With the Experts at 
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Thomas W. Larkin, CCPRS
Certified College Planning Relief Specialist

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Our Mission Statement:
To help our students realize their dreams of college without burying themselves in debt or jeopardizing their parent's current lifestyle or future retirement.

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