WREN College Planning Resources Gallery
Photos of Dave's Appalachian Trail Journey! 

Washington Monument
Midway on the AT
Stylin' on the AT
Doyle Hotel - 
"I'll have a BUD!"
PA Rocks - Watch Your Step!
Peter's Mountain Shelter
Rocky Road
Yuengling Brewery
Camp Site
Thursday's Weather
Blue Mountain Summit Restaurant 
PA Flora - Can You Name It?
Leigh Gap - 1000 ft Below!!!
Knife Edge
Sunfish Pond - NJ 
Swamp Bridge near Unionville, NY 
Highest Point in NJ 
Stairway To Heaven
Highest Point on AT in NY 
- Prospect Rock
Harriman State Park in NY
Beaver Dam in NY
Housatonoc River
CT/MA Border Vistas
Mt. Everette Vistas
Highest Point in Massachusett
Vermont & The Long Trail
Godard Shelter
Bascomb Lodge