What are Tuition Rewards® points?

SAGE Tuition Rewards is a unique private college savings program. Tuition Rewards Points are like frequent flyer miles - but for college tuition!

Tuition Rewards are discounts off of tuition at participating private colleges and universities. The Tuition Rewards Points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if and when he or she attends a member school. Schools may count Tuition Rewards as part of their normal institutional aid. For example, if a student has 20,000 Tuition Rewards Points, he or she is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $20,000 in financial aid (typically scholarships or institutional grants), spread equally over four years of undergraduate education.

Earning Tuition Rewards Points by Saving or Investing
Typically, you can earn Tuition Rewards by saving or investing with one or more of our financial affiliates, or by being an employee of a company that is providing Tuition Rewards as an employee benefit. In most cases , Tuition Rewards accrue at a rate of 5% annually (or 2.5% semi-annually or 1.25% quarterly) based on the value the qualified asset(s) or account(s). With the Pennsylvania 529 College Savings Plan, the normal accrual rate of 5% per year is doubled to 10% per year!. As your assets appreciate, so do your Tuition Rewards Points!

Earning Tuition Rewards Points by Other Means
Not all programs in Tuition Rewards require saving or investing with an affiliated organization! Listed below are some of the other ways families are earning Tuition Rewards right now.

  • Through over 1,000 employers offering optional voluntary benefits participation or Tuition Rewards on qualified retirement plans
  • Through employer provided health care plans
  • By purchasing cash-value life insurance through a participating organization
  • By maintaining membership in affiliated fraternal organizations
  • By working with an affiliated financial professional (individual or organization) who provides asset management, qualified product sales, annual financial reviews, seminars or workships
  • Having a college funding plan created by an affiliated organization or individual
  • By obtaining a reverse mortgage through an affiliated mortgage professional

NOTE: Some affiliated organizations and/or qualified products provide Tuition Rewards to account holders using other methods (such as annual flat-rate increases or one-time application of rewards). See the specific Terms & Conditions of the program you are enrolled in after logging into your account.